7 Mar
Do you realize that you can still relocate overseas regardless of your financial situation or educational background?


The ideal strategy is to upskill and acquire skill that will allow you to work overseas without paying for sponsor to sponsor your visa.

In Canada, employment history is valued more highly than degree or level of certification. 
You might occasionally learn that your boss has lot of experience but not lot of formal education.
Tech skills are the greatest to learn. I’ll show you some of the best and highest paying computer talents that will allow you to get employment and travel the world with or without a degree, even if you don’t know how to go about obtaining some of these skills.
Programming is one of the tech skills I’ll suggest. I’ll be covering a few of the programming languages that are very popular and high paying in the tech industry right now because it’s one of the greatest and highest paying tech skills in the world right now.

1. JavaScript

The most effective programming language to utilize is regarded as Javascript. Since this language is frequently used to create websites, web servers, video games, and other applications, you are already aware of the extensive range of applications it provides.
2. Python
Python is server-side language that boasts wide range of applications. 
Both simple programming and sophisticated web applications can be handled by Python. 
Python has made it much easier for developers to employ range of programming idioms. 
It is one of the most user-friendly and approachable programming languages.
if making interactive maps, animated visuals, and other dynamic web components is the aim.
3. Rust
Rust was created by Mozilla for low-level systems development, similar to C and C++. Rust prioritizes safety and quickness. Rust places a strong emphasis on “safe code” to stop programs from accessing memory areas that they shouldn’t, which can result in system crashes.

Due of its advantages, Rust is used internally by Dropbox and Coursera. It might be more difficult to learn than other beginner languages because of its anticipated popularity, but its programming skills will pay dividends.
4. Scala
Functional programming language Scala, Java spinoff, enables developers to raise the caliber of their code to that of pure mathematics. 
Scala enables concurrent programming, making it possible to run complex tasks in parallel. 
Moreover, the language is heavily typed. 
Large swathes of flaws are certain to occur at runtime since engineers are free to create and build their own data types.
5. SQL 
SQL Python is important for web applications’ data efficiency. 
SQL is necessary skill for database administrators, data analysts, and QA engineers.
In contrast to the other languages on the list, SQL stores, extracts, and manipulates data in databases.
It’s necessary to master SQL’s markup in order to interact with databases. 
Databases are heavily used by social networking platforms, payment processors, and music libraries, thus programmers should learn SQL.

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